Build Your Own Mouthguard


The Build Your Own Mouthguard is fully customizable to suit any athlete in any sport with any budget. Just choose your mouthguard style, color & design, tell us your sport, and choose a protection level. If you want to get real fancy, you can design a Full Wrap Mouthguard in real time and preview your design before you buy! 


  • Increased Oxygen Intake - Slim design that stays locked in place without restricting any air flow, allowing you to breathe perfectly while wearing your mouthguard. 
  • Improved Athletic Performance - Being able to breathe better will keep you from getting tired as quickly. This will allow you to perform better! 
  • Heightened Focus - Not being distracted by a loose, uncomfortable mouthpiece flopping around in your mouth will allow you to concentrate on your sport.
  • Maximum Protection - Dental grade Soft EVA mouthguard material is specially made to absorb shock and protect your teeth & soft tissue from injury during impact.
  • Extremely Comfortable - Smooth, rounded edges will follow the natural contours of your individual teeth & gums. So comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing a mouthpiece!
  • Custom Fit - Made from an exact mold of your teeth to fit you & ONLY YOU. No more loose, uncomfortable mouthpiece flopping around in your mouth.

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Protection Level Recommendations

Approximate Thickness: 3mm

Baseball | Basketball | BMX | Cheerleading | Football | Hockey | Jiu Jitsu | Judo | Lacrosse | Motocross | Rodeo | Roller Derby | Rugby | Soccer | Softball | Volleyball | Weightlifting | Wrestling | Youth Boxing 8-14 | Youth MMA 8-14 | Youth Muay Thai 8-14 | Youth Kickboxing 8-14

Approximate Thickness: 3.5mm

Amateur Boxing | Amateur MMA | Amateur Muay Thai | Amateur Kickboxing

Approximate Thickness: 4mm

Professional Boxing | Professional MMA | Professional Muay Thai | Professional Kickboxing

Approximate Thickness: 4.5mm

Heavyweight Professional Boxing | Heavyweight Professional MMA | Heavyweight Professional Muay Thai | Heavyweight Professional Kickboxing