How To Get Fitted


- Come get fitted at our office in Covina, CA. Click here to make an appointment.

- Send us a plaster model of your teeth from your dentist or from a previous mouthpiece order. Click here for info on sending in your own model.

- Get a dental impression kit sent to you and do your own fitting at home. Click here to watch the how-to video.

- We'll come to you! Click here to set up a trip to your gym. (this option is NOT available at checkout)

The best way to get fitted for a custom fit mouthpiece is to come to our office in person, but that's not always an option. But with our dental impression kits, you can be half way around the world and still get an official Mouthpiece Guy custom fit mouthpiece! Our impression kits produce the most accurate impressions on the market! We understand that taking an impression of your own teeth may seem a little scary, but as long as you follow the instructions and the how-to video, it's really not that bad. Customers have pretty good success with our impression kits (click here to check out the How-to video on our VIDEOS page). If you need your mouthpiece ASAP, we offer rush services as well as a Rush Impression Kit using Overnight Express shipping. A rush kit is $77 and the fee for rush production of the mouthpiece is $25. 


    1. Select the mouthpiece you want, and at checkout, purchase a dental impression kit in the shipping options. 
    2. We'll ship you a dental impression kit that will include everything you need to take an impression of your upper teeth, including a design form so you can sketch out how you want your mouthpiece to look. And yes, we do ship outside the United States (U.K. orders are also charged a customs fee to receive the package). We've made lots of mouthpieces for athletes all over the planet! An impression kit for 1 athlete outside the U.S. ranges from $59-$69, depending what country we are shipping to (shipping of the finished mouthpiece is included, but the customer is responsible for shipping the kit back to us.) The kit comes with easy to follow instructions, photos, and a guide directing you to our YouTube channel to watch the How-To video. PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AND HOW-TO VIDEO EXACT.
    3. After taking the impression of your teeth, take clear pictures of your impression and send them to us for approval BEFORE returning your kit. If the impression is no good and does not get approval, the impression will have to be redone. Replacement Putty is available to purchase on our site in case you need to redo a new impression. Rush and International kits come with extra packs. In case you have to redo the impression, you have extra putty on hand. 
    4. Once your impression has been approved, ship the kit back to us using the enclosed prepaid shipping label. Once we receive your kit, we will make the mouthpiece and ship it to you.