Mouthpiece Guy Bio

Right out of high school in 1996, I completed the dental laboratory technology program at Riverside Community College, and have been working full time in the dental lab industry ever since. 

I have close to 40,000 hours (over 19 years) of real world experience as a dental lab technician, and I've owned my own dental lab since 2003.

Most mouthpiece companies make mouthpieces just as a hobby or side job. Not me! Making mouthpieces has been my all day everyday full time job since 2014.

I started making mouthpieces over 17 years ago, and I've made close to 4000 Mouthpieces with my own two hands. I made my first custom mouthpiece in 1999, while working for a dental lab in Riverside, CA.


I am self taught when it comes to making mouthpieces. I didn't buy or take over a pre-existing successful mouthpiece company either, like some of my competitors did. I built my brand all by myself, from the ground up.

Unlike most of my competitors, I was using mouthpieces in combat sports long before I started making them. I started boxing in 1994 at the age of 14, and my last fight was in 2009, so I know what it's like to be up in the ring taking punches. 

Unlike most mouthpiece companies, I can truly relate to the customer. That's how I came up with the slogan "For fighters, by fighters!" 


In the early stages of my career when I was developing my own style for fit, comfort and protection, I would make a mouthpiece for myself during the day at work, then I would go to the gym and spar with that mouthpiece in the evening to see how it felt, and if it needed improvement. I did this repeatedly for well over a year, and have continued doing this periodically throughout the years, allowing me to constantly fine tune my product. In fact, these 'hands on tests' are something I still do to this day, with my last hands on test taking place in early 2017!  

So while you're shopping around for a new mouthpiece, ask the other companies that you might be interested in what type of experience they have as a dental technician, and what personal experience they have as a mouthpiece user. I highly doubt you will find anybody with as much experience as me, and that's why the Mouthpiece Guy should be your first and only choice. 

"For Fighters, By Fighters!" - MPG