Custom fit using a dental mold of your child's exact teeth! No graphics; for youth athletes ages 8-12 only, this economical mouthpiece is extra thin (6mm) and lightweight. Perfect for the little ones! It comes in 9 color options. Your mouthpiece will come with 1 free case! 


  • 6mm (Extra Thin) Thin and lightweight for youth athletes ages 8-12 only 
  • 7mm (Thin) Lightweight for grappling & team sport athletes of all ages, and for youth amateur boxing/MMA athletes ages 13-16 
  • 8mm (Standard thickness) For amateur & pro boxing/MMA athletes under 200lbs 
  • 9mm (Extra thick) For amateur & pro boxing/MMA over 200lbs 

**Dental grade soft EVA mouthguard material is heated and pressure formed onto the plaster model of the athlete's teeth. Since everybody's teeth are different in size, shape and placement, the final thickness may vary from athlete to athlete. 


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