June 11, 2023 4 min read

What Are The Advantages Of Wearing Mouthguards? 

From the very beginning, it’s been clear to boxers that mouthguards are a vital piece of protective equipment for anyone looking to step into the boxing ring.

Even before the first mouthguard was invented, boxers would stuff their mouths with cotton, tape, and other materials to protect themselves from getting knocked out in the ring.

Fortunately, these days, boxers don’t have to rely on random household items to keep themselves safe and can instead entrust that important responsibility to athletic mouthpieces like the Mouthpiece Guy’s custom-fit boxing mouthguards.

Still, you might be wondering: why exactly do boxers use mouthpieces? What advantages do specialized mouthguards offer? Why does the Association of Boxing Commissions require that all boxers wear a mouthguard when they compete?

Really, it all boils down to the fact that custom boxing mouthpieces help boxers protect their health and wellbeing and have the opportunity to continue practicing the sport that they love!

The advantages provided by a boxing mouthpiece just can’t be beat, so see the benefits for yourself by getting a specialized boxing mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy today!

Beat Concussions to the Punch with a Custom Boxing Mouthguard!

The average boxer will get hit in the head hundreds, if not thousands, of times throughout their athletic career.

And since experts estimate that the average boxer punches with hundreds of pounds of force, every single one of those skull-rattling hits could potentially damage their brain and trigger a concussion.

  • 90% of professional boxers have experienced a sport-related concussion and all of the headaches, nausea, vertigo, and light sensitivity that come with that diagnosis. 
    • Concussions are so debilitating and dangerous that medical experts recommend that boxers stop practicing and competing for up to thirty days after an incident.
  • Repeated concussions can lead to the development of chronic traumatic brain injury, a condition with a whole host of severe physical and mental impairments, including personality changes, an inability to concentrate, a loss of balance, and more.
    • Patients with CTBI are up to four times as likely to develop dementia.
    • 20% of professional boxers develop CTBI during their lifetime.

As such, reducing the risk of concussion in the boxing ring is essential to protecting boxers’ health, and a custom-fit boxing mouthpiece is an easy way to do just that!

Customized boxing mouthpieces cushion the jaw and absorb the force of an impact - say, a powerful right hook - before it can affect the brain, stopping a potential concussion in its tracks.

In turn, research shows that athletes who wear mouthguards regularly are significantly less likely to experience a concussion than those who do not use a mouthguard.

That’s why boxers who want to stay healthy throughout their athletic careers rely upon mouthguards like the Mouthpiece Guy’s specialized boxing mouthpieces!

Use a Specialty Boxing Mouthpiece to Keep Your Perfect Smile!

But concussions aren’t the only type of head injury that boxers have to worry about - they also need to think about damage to their teeth!

After all, it only takes one solid hit to the jaw to chip, crack, or knock out a tooth, leaving them with a grin that’s painfully out of whack.

In fact, surveys suggest that over a third of boxers have experienced some type of dental injury because of the sport, so their time in the boxing ring definitely puts their smile at risk.

So any boxer who wants their smile to survive their intensive bouts in the ring knows that they need the extra protective power of a specialty boxing mouthpiece.

That’s because custom boxing mouthguards fit perfectly with each boxer’s unique bite pattern, which greatly boosts not only their comfort, but also their protective abilities.

Plus, all of the Mouthpiece Guy’s specialized boxing mouthpieces are made with dental-grade materials, so they’re more than capable of taking a punch!

All boxers want their teeth intact when the final bell rings, which is why they count on the Mouthpiece Guy’s custom-fit boxing mouthguards to protect their smiles!

Keep Yourself in the Fight with a Specialized Boxing Mouthpiece!

Whether they’re honing their skills in practice or duking it out with an opponent, the boxing ring is the perfect place to grow as a boxer and push themselves to the limit.

As such, it’s no surprise that every boxer wants to make every second that they have in the ring count and use that precious opportunity to give each bout or sparring session everything they have.

However, concussions and other head injuries pose a significant threat to boxers’ ability to participate in the sport, with potentially serious consequences for their future performance!

  • USA boxing guidelines state that boxers showing signs of a concussion must immediately stop competing if they start showing signs of concussion.
    • Afterwards, medical professionals recommend that concussed boxers stop practicing for anywhere from one to three months.
  • Experts estimate that a boxer suffers a concussion roughly every twelve times they practice or compete, which can lead to very frequent interruptions to their overall athletic routine.
    • And it only takes a week or so of inactivity for their physical abilities to start declining, meaning they’ll have to work twice as hard just to get back to where they were before.

Taken altogether, it’s clear that the benefits of wearing a customized boxing mouthguard go far beyond simply preventing head injuries.

By reducing boxers’ risk of concussion, these specialized boxing mouthpieces ensure that their owners don’t have to step out of the ring for extended periods of time, allowing them to continue developing their abilities and pushing themselves forward. 

Boxers who use gear like the Mouthpiece Guy’s specialized boxing mouthguards are less likely to suffer these debilitating setbacks to their training regimens and athletic careers, which is why they’ve become such an important part of the sport!

Push to the Next Level with a Specialized Boxing Mouthpiece!

With all that in mind, it’s no surprise that boxers around the globe make sure to include a customized boxing mouthpiece in their equipment bag.

After all, the protection and performance boosts that a specialty boxing mouthguard just can’t be beat and make it easier for them to become the best boxer that they can be!

If you want to experience those incredible benefits for yourself, don’t wait - head over to the Mouthpiece Guy and pick up one of our specialized boxing mouthpieces!

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