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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Mouthguard Info

Online prices start at $79. In office prices start at $89. Mobile trip prices start at $99. You can upgrade and add text, logos, or images for $30-$60.  

All our Custom Mouthguards are made from Dental Grade soft EVA Mouthguard material. Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is a very soft plastic/rubber that easily forms when heated. In addition, the energy absorption properties makes it tough and stress crack resistant. They are Latex and BPA free.

Thickness depends on the age of the athlete, as well as the sport that it's being used for, but our Mouthpiece Options range from 3mm-4.5mm.

As long as it's being properly taken care of and there has been no change to the athlete's teeth, the mouthpiece should last 2 years, sometimes more. However we do recommend replacing it once a year.

Yes, we make mouthpieces for all sports. Simply tell us what sport you participate in when filling out your order info, and we'll make your mouthpiece specifically for your sport. Light-contact and non-contact sports generally get a thinner, low profile mouthpiece as opposed to the tall, thick mouthpieces we make for full contact sports.

No. Thickness is based on the sport it's being used for. So for example, a mouthguard for grappling or basketball won't be as thick as an mma/boxing mouthguard.

No, sorry. They are bulky, uncomfortable and restrict breathing. We don't think they offer enough protection benefits to justify the drawbacks.

A custom fit mouthguard is made to fit you and ONLY YOU by using a dental mold of your teeth. A boil & bite is one size fits all, and everybody's mouth is unique and different so there's no way the fit and comfort will compare to a custom fit mouthguard. Also, the protection you get from an official Mouthpiece Guy mouthguard is far superior to anything you can buy off the shelf and use right away.

Read our in-depth article for more info!

Yes. Because our mouthguards are custom made using a dental mold of your teeth, you will be able to talk while wearing the mouthguard.

Yes. All of our mouthguards come with a case so you can store your mouthguard safely and keep it clean.

Customizing Your Mouthguard

Yes, but they can only be purchased in person at our lab in Covina, CA. We make a separate mouthguard for the top, and a separate mouthguard for the bottom. This is the most comfortable version of a braces mouthguard and it allows the athlete to breath. Price is $139 top and $129 bottom. Graphics CANNOT be added to a braces mouthguard.

Yes, but the youngest age is 8 years old.

There's no way to predict how fast a kid's teeth are going to grow, but the mouthguard we make for kids can be refit at the office or can be remolded at home with boiling water, just like a boil & bite. We can also take a new impression of the athlete's teeth and refit the mouthguard at the MPG lab for $50.

No, sorry. We do not offer mock-ups or proofs of the design before making the mouthguard. However, we will supply you with a design form so you can explain all of your design ideas.

PDF or PNG with transparency (no background.) JPEG, screen shots, and hand drawings will not work.

There are some limitations on what can be put on a custom designed mouthguard, but for the most part, we can put almost any design on a mouthguard! But keep in mind that we have a very small amount of space to work with, unlike a banner or t-shirt.

Fitting & Dental Impression Kit

Once you place your order, your kit should ship out within 1 business day. Standard shipping from the Post Office usually delivers packages in 2-5 business days. If you need your kit sooner, we do offer a Rush Impression kit using Priority Express overnight service. International shipping can take a very long time and we cannot track your package or estimate how long it will take to arrive.

No. Custom fit mouthguard are made by hand from scratch, and the process takes time. However, if you're in a rush and need your mouthpiece right away, we do offer rush services to get your custom mouthguard made ASAP. We also have a Same Day Rush Service for $75, but it needs to be scheduled and approved in advance. Contact Us

First you need to send pictures of the impression to get our approval before doing anything. If the impression is not good and doesn't get our approval, you will need to go online and order replacement putty to retake the impression.

Yes. Since we travel to some of our clients, we cannot guarantee availability if you just drop in. Making an appointment is the only way to guarantee that you will be seen.

No, you don't. Although the very best way to get a custom mouthguard is to come to the studio and get fitted in person, we do offer a very successful mail order service. Once the order is placed, we'll send you a dental impression kit so you can take the mold of your teeth yourself at home.

No, sorry. However, if the plaster model of your teeth doesn't break or get damaged in the lab while making the mouthguard, it will be returned to the customer.

Yes, but not all molds meet our requirements. We recommen that you send us photos of the mold to see if it meets our requirements.  

No, but your custom mouthguard will come with instructions and a link to our how-to video on YouTube, guiding you through the process of molding the bottom bite marks into the mouthguard yourself at home. For local customers that want to pick up their mouthguard at the MPG Lab and have us mold the bottom bite marks into the mouthpiece for them, we offer this Final Fitting service for $12.


Events & Mobile Service

Yes! As long as you get your order placed before the sale ends, you will be locking in the sale price.

We cannot predict when we'll be in your area but once we schedule a trip somewhere to do fittings, we post it on all our social media pages. So add us on any social media site and just keep a look out!

We cannot predict when we'll be in your area but once we schedule a trip somewhere to do fittings, we post it on all our social media pages. So add us on any social media site and just keep a look out!

We do not offer group/team discounts at the moment, sorry.

Shipping & Turnaround

Standard production time is currently about 7-8 business days.

It depends on the US Post Office, and how long it takes you to send your impression kit back to us. If everything goes smoothly, from the time you place your order to the time we receive your impression kit at our lab is normally about 7-8 business days. Once we receive your kit, standard lab production is about 7-8 business days.

We will email you when your kit arrives at the our lab, and again once your mouthguard is finished and ships out. The second email notification will have tracking info as well.

Yes! Using our dental impression kits, we have done professional grade custom mouth guards for athletes all over the world.

Standard Impression Kit - $15 (2 - 5 business days)

Rush Impression Kit w/Extra Putty - $80.00 (1 business day)

Standard Shipping to Canada or Mexico - $60.00 (4 - 7 business days)

Standard Shipping to the rest of the world - $74.00 (12 - 30 business days)

An international impression kit is between $60 - $74. This covers shipping the impression kit and the finished mouthpiece to the customer outside the U.S. The customer is responsible for shipping the kit back to us once their impression has been approved.

Standard Shipping to Canada or Mexico - $60.00 (4 - 7 business days)

Standard Shipping to the rest of the world - $74.00 (12 - 30 business days)


We are located just 20 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles, off the 10 freeway; 1109 W San Bernardino Rd #130 Covina, CA 91722

No, sorry. We make some of the very best mouthpieces in the country, and we feel that giving a high end product away for free ("sponsorship") lowers its value. All the famous we make mouthpieces for pay for them just like everybody else.

Yes, you will get a $10 discount as long as you have the plaster model of your teeth and it hasn't been damaged. If you don't have the plaster model or it's broken or damaged, we will have to start from scratch again and there will be no discount.

Yes, we offer $20 off when ordering a second mouthguard (For the same athlete only). If you're ordering online, select YES in the "Add 2nd Mouthguard?" option to reveal the hidden $20 off coupon code.

Even though a mouthguard isn't always mandatory, athletes competing in almost any sport should be wearing a custom fit mouthguard. The list of sports that we recommend wearing a custom fit mouthguard is just too long to write down!

Rinse mouthguard with cold water after each use. Use only soft liquid soap to wash mouthguard. DO NOT rinse/wash mouthgaurd with hot water. DO NOT leave mouthguard inside a hot car. DO NOT scrub mouthguard with toothbrush/toothpaste. DO NOT clean mouthguard with bleach/alcohol. DO NOT soak mouthguard in mouthwash longer than 3 minutes.


Dental Impression Kits are NON REFUNDABLE. The customer is responsible for taking a good impression. The instructions and how-to video must be followed PRECISELY.

Thickness Recommendations

Comfort Level = A+   |  Protection Level = B

SPORT: Jiu jitsu, wrestling, football, rugby, soccer, basketball, hockey/field hockey, baseball/softball, roller derby, motocross/BMX, weight lifting, rodeo, volleyball, competitive cheerleading.
RECOMMENDATIONS: For athletes of all ages participating in any of the sports listed above.

LIGHT: 3.5mm
Comfort Level = A+   |  Protection Level = B+

SPORT: Amateur boxing, MMA, muay thai, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, wrestling.
RECOMMENDATIONS: For youth athletes ages 8-15. Also, for athletes ages 16 and older, under 200lbs, that prefer a thinner mouthguard.

Comfort Level = A   |  Protection Level = A

SPORT: Pro & amateur boxing, MMA, muay thai, kickboxing.
RECOMMENDATIONS: For pro & amateur fighters ages 16 and up, under 200lbs.

**Our most popular option for combat sports**

HEAVY: 4.5mm
Comfort Level = B   |  Protection Level = A+

SPORT: Pro boxing, MMA, muay thai, kickboxing.
RECOMMENDATIONS: For pro fighters over 200lbs that prefer the feel of a heavy duty mouthguard.

Dental grade soft EVA mouthguard material is heated and pressure formed (under 87psi) onto the plaster model of the athlete's teeth. Since everybody's teeth are different in size, shape, and placement, the “APPROXIMATE THICKNESS” may vary.