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Best custom mouthguards

Why Custom Over 'Boil and Bite' Mouthguards?

It might not seem like it, but choosing the right mouthpiece can be one of the most critical decisions of your athletic career.

After all, a well-fitted, custom-made mouthguard is just the thing to protect you from all sorts of nasty injuries and keep you on your A game, while a homemade mouthpiece will leave you vulnerable to concussions, dental injuries, and more.

So the next time you’re looking to restock your gym bag, don’t set yourself up for failure by using a “boil and bake” mouthguard - treat yourself to a custom mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy instead!

Our specially-made mouthguards blow the competition out of the water in every conceivable way! From comfort to protection, you just can’t beat one of the Mouthpiece Guy’s custom mouthguards.

Whether you’re a boxer, an MMA fighter, or a jiu jitsu instructor, your mouthpiece is one of the most important items in your equipment bag, so don’t settle for anything less than the best - get your next sports mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy today!

Stay in the Ring with a Custom Mouth Protector from the Mouthpiece Guy!

As an athlete, you’re constantly pushing your body to the limit and striving to improve each and every day, but all that hard work also puts you at a far greater risk of serious head injuries.

  • Every year, an estimated 300,000 athletes suffer a concussion or other head injury.
  • More than 30% of MMA fighters have suffered severe head injuries during their careers, whereas 35% of boxers have received dental trauma at some point during a match.
  • Meanwhile, only 55% of boxers report consistently wearing a mouthpiece during training, the vast majority of which were “boil and bite” mouthguards.

Unfortunately, the mouthguards that you can make at home almost certainly won’t be up to the task of protecting your head while you’re in the ring. 

That’s because at-home mouthguards can lose up to half of their total thickness during the molding process, which dramatically impairs their ability to absorb shocks and keep you safe from any head-rattling hits that you take during a match. 

The Mouthpiece Guy’s custom mouthpieces, on the other hand, are fabricated by laboratory specialists who can ensure that your new mouthguard is the perfect thickness to withstand impacts and keep you from becoming one of the 30%!

That way, you can focus on performing your best without worrying about a head injury forcing you out of the ring.

When you choose a mouthpiece, you want maximum protection above all else, and there’s no better protection than the Mouthpiece Guy’s specialty mouth protectors!

Get Even More Bang For Your Buck With a Custom Mouthguard!

If you’re spending your hard-earned money on a mouthguard, then the last thing that you want is for it to get worn down and force you to spend even more money on a new one!

  • Experts recommend replacing a homemade mouth protector at least once a season to ensure their best performance.
    • And since the average “boil and bite” mouthguard can cost up to $25, it won’t be long before you’ve put a serious dent in your savings!
  • The Mouthpiece Guy’s custom mouthguards, on the other hand, are made of far stronger materials that will allow them to withstand everything that your fast-paced athletic career can throw at them.
    • As a result, you can count on your specialty mouthpiece to provide the high quality protection that you need for years to come, and all for only $89!

Why go through the hassle of replacing your homemade mouthguard every few months when you can count on the Mouthpiece Guy to make you a custom mouth protector without an expiration date?

Don’t Let an At-Home Mouthguard Slow You Down!

Although you might’ve heard the urban legend that mouthguards are an inconvenience that throw you off of your groove and distract you from your match, that stereotype doesn’t hold up against the specialty mouthpieces made by the Mouthpiece Guy!

Sure, a mouthguard that you make at home might not be the most comfortable (and can even affect your performance when you least expect it), but our custom mouthguards are so snug that you’ll barely even notice that you’re wearing them.

  • When you’re working with an at-home mouthpiece, it can be nearly impossible to get the level of detail that you need to ensure that the mouthguard is a perfect fit for your mouth.
    • Worse, loose “boil and bite” mouthpieces are far more likely to slip and slide around your mouth, leading to the dental injuries that they’re supposed to prevent in the first place!
  • The Mouthpiece Guy’s specially-made mouthguards, on the other hand, are specially designed to perfectly fit to your teeth and stay in place, no matter how hard you go in the ring.
    • Our team of specialists will take a mold of your teeth and transform it into a one-of-a-kind mouthguard that’s guaranteed to fit so well that you’ll barely even know that it’s there!
    • Even better, since a mouthguard’s fit directly affects its ability to protect your teeth, you’ll be maximizing your protection and comfort at the same time - a two-in-one deal that you can only get at the Mouthpiece Guy!

With a custom mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy, you’ll never have to sacrifice safety for comfort!

Treat Yourself to a Custom Mouthguard Today!

You deserve a mouthguard that’ll work as hard as you do, not one that will get in your way and keep you from performing at your best, and you just can’t get that kind of quality from a “boil and bite” mouthpiece.

However, the Mouthpiece Guy offers best-in-class custom mouthguards that are guaranteed to be more effective, more durable, and more comfortable than any mouthguard you could make at home. 

Whatever you need in order to perform at your best and excel in the ring, you can find it in one of our specialty mouth protectors!

If you want to come out on top the next time you step into the ring, then visit the Mouthpiece Guy’s website and get your first custom mouthguard today!

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