Best Custom mouthguards

Custom Mouthpieces: Better Than All The Rest

What do Olympic medalists like Marlen Esparza, undefeated boxers like Chis Algieri, global powerhouses like Badou Jack, and Oscar-winner Halle Berry, have in common?

For starters, they’re all athletes who have pushed themselves to the limits to reach peak levels of performance, champions who have squared up against the best that their sports have to offer and come out victorious.

They’re also among the horde of superstar athletes and famous celebrities who make sure to wear the Mouthpiece Guy’s best custom mouthguards whenever they compete or train! Yes, that’s right, Oscar-winner, Halle Berry has worn the best custom mouthguard around from Mouthpiece Guy, for her movie, Bruised. Even one of the best podcast hosts around, Joe Rogan is a fan of Mouthpiece Guy’s custom-made mouthguards.

After all, the world’s top athletes and celebrities naturally want to use the best custom-fit mouthguard, and if you’re looking for the best, then the only real option is a custom athletic mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy! Just ask Jake or Logan Paul about their experience with the best-fitting mouthguard around.

From strength to comfort to durability, our specialized mouthpieces dominate the competition in every category, so they’re the best choice of protective gear for athletes and celebrities at any level, from amateur brawlers to training to boxing legends like Cecilia Brækhus.

As a result, once you start wearing one of our high-quality custom mouthguards, you’ll never be able to go back to your old boil-and-bite mouthpiece again.

Why settle for anything less than the best mouthguard? Head over to the Mouthpiece Guy store, pick up a custom-fit athletic mouthpiece, and experience the amazing quality for yourself.

“GGG” Golovkin

The Best Custom Mouthguard Featured in the Media

In addition to world champions, top athletes, and celebrities, Mouthpiece Guy has also been featured in news outlets like Buzzfeed and Telemundo. Check out Mouthpiece Guy on Buzzfeed’s Multiplayer Youtube channel where Mouthpiece Guy proves to be the best custom mouthguard for protection.

Mouthpiece Guy has also visited some of the best gyms around the country. From Mayweather Boxing Club to Johnny Toco’s Gym in Las Vegas. Mouthpiece Guy even hand-delivered a brand new mouthguard to world champion boxer, Leo Santa Cruz.

Hear for yourself how Mouthpiece Guy has the best custom mouthguards around on the Beat the Count Podcast, where Mouthpiece Guy world-famous founder, Jeff Darr, discusses the mouthpiece he’s made for some of the best athletes like Andrew Ward, Terrance Crawford, Triple G, and many more of the very best in boxing.  

The Best Custom Fit Mouthguard for the Best in the Game

Mouthpiece Guy has been worn by top athletes, celebrities, and world champions. Most of our VIP clients have been referred by other VIP clients. From world champion boxers like Andre “SOG” Ward, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, and Miguel “Mikey” Garcia, to world champion UFC fighters like Dominick “DOMIN8R” Cruz, Anderson “THE SPIDER” Silva, and Brandon “BAM BAM” Rios, to celebrities boxers like Jake and Logan Paul, our mouthguards have been worn by the best around.  

Because the best, only look for the best in protection and quality, which they find in Mouthpiece Guy’s custom-fit mouthguards.

Specialty Mouthguards: The Best Defensive Player on Your Team

From haymaker punches to home-run hits to skull-rattling takedowns, professional athletes like world lightweight champion Devin Haney face all sorts of dangerous risks whenever they compete.

And while a lesser mouthpiece might crumple under the pressure of protecting the skulls of such talented champions, the Mouthpiece Guy’s specialty athletic mouthpieces offer high-level protection that’s sure to keep their skulls intact.

  • Almost 4 million sports-related concussions occur in the United States every year.

    • The CDC estimates that up to 10% of American athletes will experience a concussion in a given season.

    • In particular, about 90% of all boxers will suffer at least one concussion during their careers.

  • But custom athletic mouthguards offer the best protection against concussions and other types of head injuries, so you won’t have to worry about them slowing you down while you compete!

    • Athletic mouthpieces provide extra cushioning for the jaw, which helps absorb the force of an impact before it can cause an injury.

    • And because custom-fit mouthguards are designed based on your specific bite pattern, they fit better in your mouth and prevent injuries more effectively!

Our best specialty mouthpieces help internationally-ranked fighters like Andrew Moloney shrug off devastating blows like they’re nothing, so get one of your own today.

Best Custom Mouthguards: Comfort Fit for a Champion!

The amazing benefits of the best custom-fit mouthpieces don’t just stop at their protective capabilities - the Mouthpiece Guy’s specialty mouthguards are also some of the most comfortable protective equipment you can wear!

  • The average mouthguard is bulky and ill-fitting, making them less an important piece of protective gear and more an irritating distraction.

    • Standard mouthpieces force athletes to focus on clenching their jaws while wearing them, while customizable at-home mouthpieces end up so bulky that they do more harm than good when you get hit!

    • And world champions like Abner Mares know that losing focus in the middle of an important match can be the difference between a painful beatdown and a buzzer-beating victory.

  • A customized mouthpiece, on the other hand, fits so perfectly in your mouth that you’ll barely even remember that you’re wearing it.

    • Studies show that athletes who wear custom-fit mouthguards report little to no irritation or discomfort during practices and competitions.

    • Plus, the compact design allows skilled athletes like Timothy Bradley to easily rehydrate and refocus at halftime, instead of wasting precious recovery time fidgeting with a stock mouthguard.

The world’s top athletes don’t have to put up with uncomfortable mouthguards and neither do you, all thanks to the Mouthpiece Guy’s best custom-fit mouthpieces.

Try a Custom Mouthguard for the Best Protection All Season Long

Over the course of a season, the best athletes (like Cat Zingano, the first woman to win a UFC fight by TKO) naturally put their athletic mouthguards through their paces.

And a lesser mouthpiece is bound to crack under the pressure, forcing them either to replace it or leave themselves vulnerable to painful, potentially season-ruining injuries.

But a specialized athletic mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy is so tough that Marlen Esparza, Gennady Golovkin, and other talented fighters can count on it to keep them safe for years to come.

  • Most stock and at-home mouthpieces are made from low-quality materials, so they tend to ‘burn out’ when faced with intense competition like that at the highest level of performance.

    • As such, dentists recommend replacing these types of mouthpieces at least once a season.

  • However, the Mouthpiece Guy’s expert technicians craft all of our custom-fit mouthguards from only the best dental-grade materials, so they can withstand the wear and tear of the boxing ring, MMA Octagon, football field, and more.

    • In fact, our best custom mouthguards can last for years with the proper care.

If you want a mouthguard that’s strong enough to help pros like David Benavidez survive the ring, then treat yourself to the best specialty mouthpiece from the Mouthpiece Guy.

Mouthpiece Guy on Telemundo

Aim for the Top with the Best Specialty Mouthpiece

As all of the Mouthpiece Guy’s celebrity clients will tell you, there won’t be anything that’ll be able to slow you down once you start using one of the Mouthpiece Guy’s custom-fit athletic mouthguards.

After all, head injuries can majorly derail an athlete’s career, requiring multiple weeks of rest to heal that could have been spent strengthening their skills or showing them off in competition.

However, amateurs and pros alike can throw themselves into every practice and game without worrying about a head injury knocking them out of the race, all thanks to the best custom mouthguards at the Mouthpiece Guy.

Our specialized mouthpieces are the best in the business at keeping athletes safe from concussions and other head injuries, so they can play, practice, and compete to their heart’s content.

Our customized mouthguards are so good at what they do that they’re even the mouthpiece of choice for celebrities like Halle Berry and Joe Rogan who don’t want an athletic injury to get in the way of their incredible careers.

So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to the best mouthguard that an athlete could wish for by visiting the Mouthpiece Guy store and picking out your very own custom-fit mouthguard today.