Mouthguard care instructions

  • Rinse mouthguard with cold water after each use and allow to air-dry inside ventilated case
  • Wash mouthguard by hand once a week with cold water & liquid hand soap or dish soap
  • Store mouthguard in a room temperature environment
  • Replace mouthguard every 1 to 2 years
  • DO NOT expose mouthguard to heat of any kind
  • DO NOT wash mouthguard with toothbrush, toothpaste or hot water
  • DO NOT dry mouthguard with a towel or paper towel
  • DO NOT soak mouthguard in bleach, alcohol or mouthwash


If you did not receive your plaster teeth model with your mouthguard, this means it was damaged during the production of your mouthguard.

Plaster teeth models are very fragile and go through quite a bit of trauma during the mouthguard production process. Older models that have been used multiple times are even more fragile and can become quite brittle.

If you did receive your plaster teeth model with your mouthguard, it may be used again for future mouthguards, so hold on to it. It is very fragile, so we recommend wrapping it in bubble wrap and storing it somewhere safe like in your sock or underwear drawer.

MOUTHGUARD WARRANTY - If you have any issues with your mouthguard, you have 14 days from date of delivery to contact us. We will always do our best to get you taken care of. If you have issues with the fit, DO NOT cut or trim your mouthguard! Any cutting or trimming of the mouthguard by the customer voids warranty, and you will be charged for any adjustemnts that need to be made.