custom motocross mouthguards

Max Your Airtime with a Customized Motocross Mouthguard!

Motocross certainly isn’t a sport for the faint of heart, what with its full-throttle races, heart-pounding stunts, and death-defying jumps that seem next to impossible to safely land.

But you’re a motocross pro, so you’re more than up to the task of revving your engine and taking on the fiercest races that motocross has to offer.

However, even seasoned racers need to respect the course during races, as one wrong move could send them head over handlebars and lead to a career-ruining injury!

  • For every thousand hours spent riding a motocross bike, the average racer will experience over ninety injuries.

  • Almost half of all motocross-related emergency room visits involve injuries to the head or spine.

  • The average hospitalization length for a motocross accident is over four days.

Luckily for you, it’s never been easier to reduce your risk of painful head injuries and avoid coming up short in terms of your health and safety, all thanks to the Mouthpiece Guy’s specialty motocross mouthpieces!

With a custom-fit motocross mouthguard, you can stop face plants from turning into nasty head injuries and help ensure that you can limp off the track in one piece even in the worst case scenario.

And when it comes to comfort, durability, and strength, our customized motocross mouthpieces are better than all the rest!

You can’t afford to slack off when it comes to your safety on the motocross track, so stay out of the weeds with the Mouthpiece Guy’s custom motocross mouthguards!

Go Full-Throttle Against Concussions with a Specialty Motocross Mouthguard

When you’re shredding the track, weaving around opponents, and nailing jumps, you want your brain to perform at peak capacity in order to keep up with every second of the action.

After all, a split second of hesitation or distraction can cause you to lose control of your bike and send you ragdolling across the course.

So the last thing you want is for a concussion or other type of head injury to send you off-course and put your body and your career as a racer through the wringer.

  • Concussions have a whole host of symptoms - like coordination loss, dizziness, and extreme nausea - that will make it harder to even mount your bike, let alone take it out for a spin.

  • One study found that almost half of all motocross riders experience a concussion in a given season.

    • Concussions make up a whopping 20% of all motocross injuries.

  • As a result, motocross riders are at particularly high risk for developing chronic traumatic brain injuries, which can lead to early-onset dementia and numerous other life-altering and career-ending sympoms.

So don’t let crashes on the motocross track turn your brain into a lemon - try the Mouthpiece Guy’s custom-fit motocross mouthguards instead!

Thanks to their specialized designs, our specialty motocross mouthpieces offer advanced protection against concussions, so they’re great at helping you shake off an ‘involuntary dismount’ and get back in the race!

Our customized motocross mouthpieces can stand up against even the gnarliest yard sale on the motocross course, so get yours today!

Upshift Your Protection with a Specialty Motocross Mouthpiece!

But just because your brain is particularly vulnerable during a pile up on the motocross track, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only part of your head that you need to worry about!

After all, even if you manage to eke out a victory in a tight race, your celebrations are going to be cut short if you leave a tooth or two behind on the course.

When it comes to high-speed collisions or misaimed jumps, your mouth is a prime target for injuries, and while a chipped tooth or a cut on your gums definitely aren’t as serious as a concussion, they can still get pretty serious if you’re unlucky!

But the Mouthpiece Guy’s specialized motocross mouthguards can stop your teeth from getting blown out in a crash, so that your smile won’t look like a clapper on the winner’s stand!

  • Custom-fit motocross mouthpieces provide extra cushioning for your teeth, tongue, and gums, which is bound to come in handy during a skull-rattling crash!

    • In fact, because specialized motocross mouthpieces are designed to fit perfectly into your mouth, they offer even better protection than a standard mouthguard.

    • Plus, whereas stock mouthpieces are prone to sliding around in your mouth (which could itself potentially cause an injury during a crash), the close fit of a custom motocross mouthguard will keep it firmly in place no matter what!

You should be keeping an eye out for gaps in the course, not gaps in your teeth, so start using a customized motocross mouthpiece today!

Wear a Custom-Fit Motocross Mouthpiece to Nail Your Safety on the Course!

The next time you’re sent flying over the bar or you crash into the wall of the track after overcooking a tight turn, you’ll be glad for the extra protection provided by the Mouthpiece Guy’s specialty motocross mouthpieces!

That’s because you can count on your custom motocross mouthpiece to protect you from dangerous injuries that might otherwise knock you out of the race long before you get to the finish line.

And there’s no denying that our custom-fit motocross mouthguards are the best mouthpiece for the job, as they’re sure to leave the competition spinning out at the back of the pack.

  • Custom motocross mouthpieces are slim and compact, so they easily and comfortably fit in your mouth and allow for unrestricted airflow.

    • Stock mouthpieces, on the other hand, are usually much larger, which means they could clog up your airway at a vital moment in the race.

  • Plus, specialty motocross mouthpieces offer a far better fit than any stock mouthpiece. As a result, they’re not only more comfortable, but also better positioned to absorb the force of a brutal crash.

You need a mouthguard that can hold out against the ferocity of the motocross course and help you push your way into first place, not a plastic princess that’ll wimp out at the first sign of trouble.

So before your next race, head on over to the Mouthpiece Guy store, pick up your very own customized motocross mouthpiece, and get ready to tear up the track!