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Lead the Pack with the Leading Custom Mouthguard

You’re not the kind of person to sit back on the sidelines or settle for anything less than your best when you strap on your gear and step out onto the field.

No, you’re an athlete who wants to make the most out of each workout and game, who wants to use every ounce of strength and strategy in your body to push yourself (and the rest of your team) to victory.

Here at the Mouthpiece Guy, we want nothing more than to help dedicated athletes like yourself achieve all of their athletic goals, which is why we created our specialized athletic mouthguards!

Our custom-fit mouthguards are specially crafted to provide a level of safety and comfort that you just can’t get with an at-home mouthpiece.

As such, they’re the leading athletic mouthguards on the market, capable of stopping devastating punches, brain-busting tackles, and even firecracker passes.

That’s why our leading custom mouthpieces are the mouthguards of choice for the world’s leading athletes and world champions, from gold-medalist boxers like Vasyl Lomachenko to celebrity fighters like Jake and Logan Paul! Even Oscar-winner, Halle Berry is a fan of our mouthguards.

So get ready to reach new heights as an athlete by picking up a leading athletic mouthpiece at the Mouthpiece Guy store today!


Mouthpiece Guy’s Leading Custom Mouthguard Featured in the Media

Don’t just take our word for it. In addition to top celebrities, athletes, and world champions, Mouthpiece Guy’s leading custom mouthguard has been featured on outlets like Buzzfeed and Telemundo.

Mouthpiece Guy has also been seen in some of the country’s leading gyms, like Johnny Toco’s Gym in Las Vegas, Mayweather Boxing Club, and Virgil Hunter’s Gym in Oakland, CA. We take so much pride in our leading mouthguards, that we even hand-delivered a new mouthguard to world champion boxer, Leo Santa Cruz.

Still need more convincing? Hear from the world-famous founder himself, Jeff Darr, talk about his leading mouthguards on the Beat the Count Podcast.

“GGG” Golovkin

Leading Custom Mouthguards: Protection Fit for a Boxing Champion!

From devastating uppercuts in the boxing ring to painful tumbles on the roller derby rink, athletes face all sorts of obstacles that could easily lead to a disastrous head injury.

And while some athletes might walk away from a game with a slightly chipped tooth, others have to contend with concussions and other serious head injuries that could spell disaster for their athletic careers.

Which is why it’s so important that you take advantage of the only athletic mouthguard that’s up to the task of protecting your noggin - the Mouthpiece Guy’s leading specialty mouthpiece!

The specialized design of each of our custom-fit athletic mouthguards provides maximum protection against skull-shattering impacts on your mouth, teeth, and brain.

That’s why our leading athletic mouthguards are the protective equipment of choice for pro boxers looking to reduce the effects of the brain-shaking blows they take in the ring, like:

  • Román González, who was ranked by ESPN as the best boxer in the world, pound-for-pound, from 2015 to 2017;

  • Shakur Stevenson, who took home a silver medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics; and

  • Amanda Serrano, the current undisputed featherweight world champion.

And if it’s good enough for world-champion boxers, then just think what a leading custom mouthpiece from the Mouthpiece Guy could do for you.


Maintain Your Fighting Spirit with the Leading Specialty Mouthpiece

When you’re in the middle of an intense match, focusing all of your concentration and energy on the competition at hand, the last thing you want is to be distracted by an ill-fitting mouthguard.

After all, a twinge of pain caused by a bad fit can easily shatter your focus at a vital moment, leading to a mistimed strike or a free throw that doesn’t even brush the net.

But you won’t have to worry about having a mouthguard meltdown once you start wearing the leading specialized mouthpiece from the Mouthpiece Guy!

That’s because our custom-fit athletic mouthpieces are based on each customer’s distinctive bite pattern, resulting in mouthpieces that fit as closely to your teeth as possible.

As a result, you just can’t beat the incredible comfort of our leading athletic mouthpieces, which is why we’ve become the brand of choice for leading world-renowned MMA fighters such as:

  • Ryan Bader, current Bellator heavyweight champion and winner of The Ultimate Fighter;

  • Angela Hill, former champion of the Invicta Fighting Championships who boasts the longest total fight time in the UFC Women’s strawweight division; and

  • Amanda Nunes, named #1 in the UFC women’s pound-for-pound rankings at the time of her retirement.

Don’t let an irritating mouthguard stop you from dominating the competition - wear the leading customized mouthpiece from the Mouthpiece Guy instead.

Enjoy Star Quality Protection with the Leading Custom-Fit Mouthguard

Here at the Mouthpiece Guy, we know all too well that the right mouthguard can make or break your career as an athlete, whether you’re a superstar celebrity or a total rookie.

As such, we’ve made sure to prioritize quality at every step of our mouthguard fabrication process, so that every customer gets a mouthpiece that can help them become a champion!

For instance, our expert dental techs use dental-grade materials when crafting our leading athletic mouthpieces, which greatly increases both their longevity and protective capabilities.

We also make sure to rigorously inspect the bite molds used in the construction process to make sure that they live up to our rigorous standards of quality. If they look like they’ll make a subpar mouthguard, then we simply don’t use them!

As such, the Mouthpiece Guy is proud to offer some of the highest-quality athletic mouthpieces on the market, which you can spot being used by awesome celebrities like:

  • Jake and Logan Paul, who’ve transitioned from Internet celebrities to rising stars in the MMA Octagon;

  • Halle Berry, who used one of our custom-fit mouthpieces while filming Bruised; and

  • Joe Rogan, who even has his own special design available on the Mouthpiece Guy store!

So set yourself on the path to stardom by taking advantage of the incredible benefits of the Mouthpiece Guy’s high-quality athletic mouthguards.


Go for the Gold with the Leading Athletic Mouthguard

At the end of the day, you don’t have to take our word for the incredible advantages and benefits offered by our leading custom-fit mouthpieces.

Instead, just look at all of the world-class champions who rely on Mouthpiece Guy’s leading specialty mouthguards to keep them safe as they face off against the fiercest competition that their sport has to offer.

  • Our specialty athletic mouthpieces help Brandon Rios tough out devastating uppercuts that might otherwise send him sprawling to the mat.

  • Likewise, by wearing one of our leading custom mouthguards, Cecilia Brækhus can help ensure that she can last until the final bell, giving her maximum opportunity to turn the tables on her foe.

And if the Mouthpiece Guy’s specialty athletic mouthpieces can provide such awesome benefits to these world-famous athletes, then just imagine what they could do for you!

Indeed, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another athletic mouthguard that’s better at warding off concussions, broken teeth, and other head injuries than our leading custom mouthpieces!

Plus, the comfort and quality of our athletic mouthpieces make the thought of adding one to your workout bag all the more compelling!

So head on over to the Mouthpiece Guy store and make the best decision of your athletic career by picking out your own leading athletic mouthguard today.

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