We Travel To You

Need us to come to you???

HOW IT WORKS: Unless it's a VIP situation, we only travel for group orders. In order to come to you, there needs to be a minimum number of mouthpieces being purchased. The minimum required depends on how far we're having to travel (see requirements below). Once you get the group of athletes together that are going to be making a purchase, we will set up an exact day and time that we will be coming to your gym. The day we show up, we will be taking the orders, doing the fittings of the athlete's teeth, and collecting payments. The fittings will then be taken back to be fabricated at our lab in Covina. Once the mouthpieces are finished, we will bundle ship them back to your gym.



 Travel Requirements: 30 miles = 4 mouthpieces. 40 miles = 5 mouthpieces. 50 miles = 6 mouthpieces. 100 miles = 8 mouthpieces. 

 If you want the Mouthpiece Guy to come to your location, contact us and we'll set up a trip!