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Your Customized Mouthguard

Thickness Recommendations

Custom design your own mouthguard with   unlimited graphics

All our custom fit "  Design Your Own Mouthguards" are made with three (3) layers of Dental Grade EVA material for industry leading impact protection, durability, longer lifespan, and a comfortable fit. This means that every mouthguard we produce is a perfect fit for all sports and all ages. We can customize the fit and protection level of our mouthguards specifically for any team sports like   Basketball,   Soccer, and   Baseball to pro level, high impact sports like   Boxing,   MMA,   Jiu Jitsu,   Kickboxing and more.

  • Design Your Own - Share    your vision with us and we'll bring it to life (a design template will be included in your impression kit so you can sketch us out your design idea). 
  • Custom Fit Mouthguard  - Using a Dental Mold of Your Exact Teeth guarantees your mouthguard will stay "locked" in place at all times.    Learn why    custom mouthguards  are better than "Boil & Bite" mouthguards.
  • Highest Impact Protection  - 3 Layers of professional grade, shock absorbing EVA material from 7mm to 9mm thick.
  • Long Lasting - Comes with a storage case and cleaning/care instructions.

    * Due to the fact that mouthguards are very small, the amount of space available for designs/graphics is limited. We will contact you if there are any issues with your custom mouthguard design request.

      FREE Dental Grade Impression Kit    and    FREE Shipping    (U.S. only) is included with every Custom Fit Mouthguard order!



    In the shipping options at checkout, carefully review each "FITTING OPTION" before making your selection.

    Thickness Recommendations

        7mm Light - Grappling, all ages. Team sports, all ages. Amateur boxing/MMA, 8-14yrs.  
    Comfort Level = A+  |  Protection Level = B

    8mm Standard - Amateur and pro boxing/MMA below 200lbs, ages 15yrs & up. 
    Comfort Level = A   |  Protection Level = A

    9mm Heavy - Amateur and pro boxing/MMA above 200lbs, ages 15yrs & up.  
    Comfort Level = B   |  Protection Level = A+

    Dental grade soft EVA mouthguard material is heated and pressure formed onto the plaster model of the athlete's teeth. Since everybody's teeth are different in size, shape and placement, the final thickness may vary from athlete to athlete.