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If you ask a wrestler what they consider their most important weapon on the mat, they’ll probably choose their body. 

After all, it’s the culmination of all of your hard work and training, the thing that ultimately decides whether or not the referee will raise your hand in victory at the end of the match.

A mouthguard, on the other hand, is a much subtler, less visible piece of equipment, so much so that you might wonder if you can get away with not wearing one at all, especially if your only option is an unwieldy at-home mouthguard.

However, if you choose not to wear a mouthguard the next time you compete, you’ll absolutely set yourself up for injury and (even worse) a potential loss on the mat.

At the Mouthpiece Guy, we obviously understand just how important mouthguards can be for wrestlers, which is why we’ve designed our custom wrestling mouthpiecesto provide maximal protection and help you make the podium every time you step onto the mat.

As a wrestler, you can’t afford to leave your mouthguard behind in your equipment bag, but you’re sure to love using a specialty wrestling mouthpiece from the Mouthpiece Guy! Visit our store today and see the difference a custom wrestling mouthpiece makes!

Never Default with the Mouthpiece Guy’s Specialty Wrestling Mouthguards!

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise to learn that wrestling is a pretty dangerous sport, what with all of the takedowns, armbars, reversals, and more that wrestlers perform during every intense grappling match.

In fact, studies show that wrestling is second only to football in terms of injury rates amongst college athletes, so you’re definitely at more than a little risk of harm whenever you suit up to step onto the mat.

And concussions, dental damage, and other forms of head injury make up a significant component of those injuries and can pose a major risk to your wrestling career if you aren’t careful.

  • Research indicates that concussions account for roughly 10% of all wrestling injuries.
    • On average, a college wrestling team with 12 athletes will experience at least one concussion every four months.
    • Worse, if you start showing concussion symptoms mid-match, you’ll be removed from competition and potentially won’t be able to compete again for up to ten days afterwards.
  • Wrestling also has one of the highest rates of injuries to the mouth and face, which can easily lead to wrestlers chipping teeth (or even knocking them out entirely)!

At first glance, those statistics can seem pretty daunting! After all, you’re just one errant grab or accidental elbow to the face away from a painful injury that’ll send your wrestling career grinding to a halt!

However, there’s one easy step you can take to protect yourself from concussions and other head injuries and keep yourself in the game all wrestling season long: use a custom wrestling mouthguard!

That’s because using a specialty wrestling mouthguard helps disperse the force of impact whenever an object (say, your opponent’s elbow) hits your face, cushioning your head from the worst of the impact before it can cause too much damage.

As a result, athletes who frequently wear a mouthguard during practices and competitions are substantially less likely to experience concussion symptoms than athletes who do not use mouthpieces. 

So if you’re thinking about heading onto the mat without putting on your mouthpiece, don’t! Take the time to wear your custom wrestling mouthpiece from the Mouthpiece Guy - you certainly won’t regret it!

Enjoy All-American Protection with a Mouthpiece Guy Custom Wrestling Mouthpiece!

Now, if you use a “boil and bite” mouthguard, you might still think that it isn’t worth wearing a mouthpiece while you compete.

After all, stock mouthguards are bulky, ill-fitting, and all-together uncomfortable to wear, so it can be a major pain to use one when you need to focus all of your energy and concentration on an important match. 

Luckily for you, here at the Mouthpiece Guy, we believe that no athlete should ever have to choose between comfort and protection when using a mouthguard, so we’ve made sure that our custom-fit wrestling mouthpieces offer both best-in-class protection and comfort!

  • For instance, each of our custom wrestling mouthguards are fabricated based on our clients’ unique mouth shapes, allowing them to fit perfectly and comfortably within your mouth
    • Plus, the close fit provided by a specialized wrestling mouthpiece also helps it absorb impacts more effectively, so you’ll benefit from both the better fit and improved performance.
  • Our specialty wrestling mouthpieces are also made of high-quality materials that let us keep your mouthguard nice and compact, instead of big and bulky!
    • As a result, you’ll have no problem taking deep breaths and fueling your body with vital oxygen, no matter how hectic it gets on the mat!

So if you’re worried about your at-home mouthguard throwing you off your game and slowing you down when you need to perform at your best, then you need to try a specialized wrestling mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy!

That way, you won’t have to sacrifice your safety for your comfort on the mat and can make it all the way through the season without suffering through a concussion, all thanks to your custom-fit wrestling mouthguard!

Before you decide not to use a mouthguard during the wrestling season, try wearing one of the Mouthpiece Guy’s specialized wrestling mouthguards! You’ll be surprised at just how great it feels!

Take to the Mat in Your New Specialty Wrestling Mouthguard!

Just because you think that your at-home mouthpiece is holding you back on the wrestling mat doesn’t mean that you can afford to stop wearing a mouthguard entirely!

Instead, why not use a custom-fit wrestling mouthpiece from the Mouthpiece Guy?

After all, once you start using one of our specialized wrestling mouthguards, you’re bound to realize just how incredible they are for both your safety and your comfort! In fact, you’ll probably forget why you didn’t want to wear a mouthguard in the first place!

Stock mouthpieces might make wearing a mouthguard feel like a chore, but a custom wrestling mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy will make you feel like the champion you are! Head over to our store and add one to your equipment bag today!

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