custom bmx mouthguards

You can’t afford to Play WIth your safety on the BMX track

If you’re looking for action-packed races, death-defying stunts, and thrills that are sure to have audiences cheering at the edges of their seats, then BMX might be the sport for you!

Of course, while there’s nothing like the intensity of an exciting BMX race, that just means that you have to take extra precautions when it comes to your safety on the track.

After all, accidents are par for the course when it comes to treacherous sports like BMX and your protective gear can be the only thing standing between your thrilling career as a BMX rider and a life-altering injury that’ll force you off the track for good.

  • At all levels of competition, BMX is one of the most dangerous sports for athletes.

    • At the 2016 Olympics, BMX riders had the highest overall injury rate, as almost 40% of participating athletes suffered an injury during competition.

  • Studies indicate that up to 40% of all BMX injuries affect the head, meaning they have significant potential to cause a concussion or other serious injury.

    • In the worst case scenario, these head injuries can force BMX riders out of the sport and leave them with long-lasting health issues.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that professional BMX riders are required to wear helmets whenever they compete in order to minimize their risk of suffering a disastrous head injury.

So why not take your protective measures on the track to the next level by using a customized BMX mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy?

We’ve carefully designed every aspect of our specialty BMX mouthpieces to amp their protective capabilities to the max, so they’re more than capable of withstanding even the roughest wipeouts!

As such, using one of the Mouthpiece Guy’s custom-fit BMX mouthguards is the easiest way to avoid severe head injuries and maximize your time spent on the BMX track.

You can’t afford to biff your safety on the BMX track, so get yourself a custom-fit BMX mouthpiece today!

Stick the Landing with a Customized BMX Mouthguard!

Concussions might not be the flashiest injury that can occur on the BMX track, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t pose a major threat to racers’ health and well-being!

  • Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury, so even a minor one can cause painful and irritating symptoms like nausea, light sensitivity, and balance issues that are sure to plague you long after you leave the track.

    • On average, it takes ten days for concussion symptoms to go away, and you definitely won’t be able to ride your bike in the meantime.

  • Experiencing repeated concussions can lead to serious long-term health issues like chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a condition that affects memory, concentration, and mood, and can even lead to the onset of dementia.

In recent years, the BMX community has become increasingly aware of the dangers posed by repeated concussions, as athletes at every level of competition have reported feeling the cognitive and mental impact of head injuries from their time on the track.

So it’s little surprise that athletic mouthguards and other types of protective gear are becoming increasingly popular amongst racers looking to maximize their protection against concussions.

And there’s no better way to keep yourself in the race and protect yourself from all sorts of head injuries than by wearing one of the Mouthpiece Guy’s specialty BMX mouthpieces!

Every aspect of our custom BMX mouthguards - from the dental-grade materials used to build them to the custom design based on your unique bite pattern - has been chosen to ensure that our BMX mouthpieces can stop a concussion in its tracks!

In fact, research shows that not only do specialized BMX mouthpieces reduce riders’ risk of concussion, but they’re also more than twice as effective at preventing head injuries than other stock mouthguards.

When concussions threaten to force you into last place, you can count on your specialty BMX mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy to keep you at the front of the pack!

Make a Clean Landing with a Specialty BMX Mouthguard

In the middle of an intense race, there’s already so much that you have to consider if you’re going to make it across the finish line in first place, from the movements of the racers to the unique twists and turns of the track.

And it’s going to be much more difficult to stay in control of your bike and keep your eye on the prize if you’re dealing with an uncomfortable, ill-fitting mouthguard.

  • The ‘one size fits all’ mouthpieces that you can wear straight out of the box are bulky and awkward to wear, and they’re prone to slipping out of place during critical moments.

    • If you’re unlucky, they can even damage your gums and cause the same kind of injuries that you were trying to avoid in the first place!

  • Even the ‘customizable’ mouthguards can be annoying to wear, as it’s hard to get a good fit when creating your mouthguard at home!

    • Plus, they tend to be larger and bulkier, so they take up way more space in your mouth than necessary, which makes them even more distracting.

  • But the Mouthpiece Guy’s specialized BMX mouthpieces are crafted by our team of expert technicians to provide you an incredible fit that’ll help carry you to victory!

    • In fact, because our custom BMX mouthguards are designed based on your unique mouth shape, they’re better at cushioning your jaw against impact and can better protect you from all sorts of head injuries.

    • And thanks to our high-quality fabrication process, our custom-fit BMX mouthpieces are nice and compact, so you won’t have to worry about them restricting your airway during an intense race!

So if you need a little help withstanding the BMX grind and launching yourself straight into first place, then treat yourself to a custom BMX mouthpiece from the Mouthpiece Guy!

Get ready to shred the track and show off your stunt style by getting yourself one of the Mouthpiece Guy’s customized BMX mouthguards today!