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Back in the 1800s, when boxing was an illegal activity most often practiced in underground gambling halls, boxers were among the first athletes to start using protective mouthpieces.

In fact, Ted Lewis became the first professional athlete to use an athletic mouthpiece in 1921 when he faced off against Jack Britton in a championship boxing match.

Since then, boxing has become a lot more mainstream (in fact, it’s a multi-billion-dollar, international phenomenon), but wearing a mouthguard is just as important for boxers as ever!

After all, they play a vital role in protecting boxersfrom dental injuries, concussions, and all sorts of nasty head injuries that can take them out of the match or, in the worst case scenario, seriously affect your long-term health.

That’s why the Association of Boxing Commissions requires that all boxers wear a mouthpiece while competing, making a well-fitted mouthguard one of the most important pieces of equipment in a boxer’s equipment bag.

And whether you’re new to the sport and getting ready for your first time in the ring or an old pro looking to upgrade your equipment, you won’t find a better mouthpiece than one of the Mouthpiece Guy’s customized boxing mouthguards!

Each of our specialty mouthpieces are designed to perfectly fit with our clients’ teeth, which allows them to provide a level of comfort and protection that you just can’t get anywhere else!

The best way to experience the thrills of a heart-pounding boxing match is while wearing a custom-fit mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy, so head over to our store and take your game to a whole new level with a specialized mouthpiece!

Stay in the Fight with a Custom Mouthpiece Guy Mouthguard!

Back in the day, boxers would keep a piece of wood or sponge between their clenched teeth in order to stop their opponents’ punches from knocking out one of their teeth.

Today, boxers can just slip in a mouthguard before their match, letting them focus all of their mental energy on their match and giving their jaw a much-needed break!

And even among modern mouthguards, the Mouthpiece Guy’s custom mouthpieces stand head and shoulders above the rest!

Because each of our specialty mouthguards is molded based on the unique shape of your upper arch, they fit more closely with your teeth and are far better at absorbing shocks as a result.

That means that your head is more stable during impacts (say, an opponent’s powerful right hook), lowering your chance of a concussion or another type of traumatic brain injury and keeping you in the ring until the bitter end!

Plus, a custom-made mouthpiece from the Mouthpiece Guy is made of thicker, higher-quality material than a generic, “boil and bite” mouthpiece, which research shows can greatly affect their protective abilities.

And it’s a good thing too, because while boxing is undeniably a thrilling sport, it’s also one of the most dangerous!

  • On average, boxers are injured seven times every year during their training or competitive events.

  • Experts estimate that 90% of boxers will experience a concussion or other brain injury at some point during their careers.

    • In fact, 20% of professional boxers show symptoms of chronic traumatic brain injury, a degenerative disease caused by repeated head trauma.

  • More than a third of boxers report having experienced a dental injury.

  • Unfortunately, most boxers use stock mouthguards, which do not provide the level of protection recommended by the Academy for Sports Dentistry.

But a specialized Mouthpiece Guy mouthguard can drastically reduce your risk of injury when you step into the ring, leaving you free to enjoy your favorite sport without worrying about head injuries slowing you down!

Balance Comfort and Performance with a Mouthpiece Guy Mouthguard!

When you’re trading punches with an opponent in the middle of a heated boxing match, it’ll take all of your focus to make the winning blow and come out on top.

So the last thing you want is for your mouthpiece to start sliding around your mouth, cutting off your airflow and forcing you to spend precious energy maneuvering it back into place.

And when you use an at-home mouthguard instead of a custom mouthpiece from the Mouthpiece Guy, you’re setting yourself up for discomfort and distraction when you need to be focusing the most in the ring!

  • “Boil and bite” mouthguards made at home don’t fit to your teeth as well as a custom mouthpiece.

    • As a result, they’re far more likely to move around during exercise, which can lead to difficulty breathing and swallowing and can even cause oral injuries.

    • In a survey, all boxers who used at-home mouthguards reported feeling far less comfortable during matches than those who utilized specialty mouthpieces.

      • Those same boxers reported greater breathing difficulties and higher rates of oral irritation as well.

  • A specialized mouthguard, on the other hand, is designed to fit perfectly along your upper arch, so you’ll barely be able to tell that it’s there!

    • As a result, it’ll stay perfectly in place throughout your entire match, no matter what your opponents throw your way!

    • Plus, you’ll have a way easier time breathing and drinking water during the match, so your body will have all of the resources it needs to reach its peak performance and help you win!

In the boxing ring, it only takes a split second to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and a specialty Mouthpiece Guy mouthguard gives you the peace of mind you need to take advantage of every opportunity.

Use a Mouthpiece Guy Mouthguard to Keep Head Injuries on the Ropes!

With a custom-fit Mouthpiece Guy mouthguard in your equipment bag, there won’t be anything in the boxing ring that will be able to slow you down.

You’ll be able to step into the boxing ring and fight with everything that you have, confident that your specialized mouthpiece will protect you and keep you in the fight for as long as it takes!

Don’t let your boxing career take a dive by using an at-home mouthguard - go the distance by buying a customized mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy instead!