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Do you want top protection like World Champion Boxers, Andre “S.O.G.” Ward, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, and Miguel “Mikey” Garcia? Or from top World Campion UFC Fighters like Dominick “Domin8r” Cruz, Anderson “The Spider” Silva, and Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios? When pro-athletes worldwide step onto the boxing ring, football field, MMA Octagon, or wrestling mat, there’s only one top mouthguard brand they trust with their custom-made mouthpiece to keep themselves on top of their game and their teeth intact.

Mouthpiece Guy’s top specialty athletic mouthguards offer the protection, quality, and comfort that athletes at the top of their sport need to dominate the competition and triumph over anything and everything that stands in their way.

It’s all thanks to the custom designs, high-quality materials, and expert craftsmanship of our specialized mouthpieces, all of which come together to make a top mouthguard fit for a champion.

That’s why we’re the top go-to mouthguard brand for celebrities, superstar athletes, and world champions from all type of sports, like wrestling heavyweights and roller derby queens to MMA champions and title-holding brawlers like. Don’t beleive us? Here’s a list of some of our top customers:

  • American UFC color commentator, podcaster, comedian, and former television host, Joe Rogan;

  • Caleb Plant, an IBF title holder named the third-best boxer in the super middleweight class by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board;

  • Amanda Nunes, the first woman to be named champion of two divisions in the UFC and widely considered one of the best MMA fighters of all time;

  • Celebrities like Jake and Logan Paul, who have made international headlines after emerging victorious against MMA legends;

  • And even award-winning actress, Halle Berry, who trusted Mouthpiece Guy for our top mouthguards for her MMA Netflix movie “Bruised”

So if you’re looking for the kind of top athletic protection that lets C.B. Dollaway shrug off haymaker punches and stay on his feet through even the most brutal matches, then you need the ultimate protection of a top custom-made mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy!

Go toe-to-toe with the best of the best with our top custom-fit mouthguards from the Mouthpiece Guy!

“GGG” Golovkin

Mouthpiece Guy in the Media

Need more convincing? In addition to top athletes, world champions, and famous celebrities, Mouthpiece Guy has been featured in top media sites like Buzzfeed and Telemundo, top podcasts like Beat The Count, and top gyms like Johnny Toco’s Gym in Las Vegas and Virgil Hunter’s Gym in Oakland, CA.

It’s not just hype, Mouthpiece Guy has the top mouthguards that beat the competition.

Get a Top Mouthpiece That’s Stronger Than the Rest!

In order to rise through the ranks and cement themselves as world champions, pros like Cecilia Brækhus (the world’s longest-reigning female boxing champion) can’t afford to let concussions throw a wrench in their training plans if they want to stay on top.

But sports like jiu jitsu, MMA, lacrosse  and football  all pose a significant risk of head injury that can greatly affect not only players’ athletic development but also their long-term health.

  • Athletes in the United States alone suffer almost 4 million concussions every year.

    • That means concussions are responsible for 56 million missed days of practice and competition cumulatively each year.

  • And every concussion increases your risk of developing devastating, long-term symptoms that’ll wreak havoc on your physical, mental, and cognitive health.

With all that in mind, it’s no surprise that top competitors and Olympic athletes like Andre Berto trust only the top custom-made mouthguards at the Mouthpiece Guy to keep themselves in peak condition all season long.

Because our custom mouthpieces are crafted based on the distinctive structure of each athlete’s mouth, they provide unparalleled protection against all sorts of season-ruining head injuries.

That way, our customers can give everything they have at each practice and game without the fear that one wrong move could lead to a head injury with disastrous consequences for their career.

If you want to be at the top, then you can’t let head injuries bring you down, but the Mouthpiece Guy’s top athletic mouthguards are sure to keep you safe.

Combine Comfort and Performance with the Top Custom-Fit Mouthpiece!

Any athlete worth their salt will tell you that, in the middle of a heated match, your mental game must be on top just as your physical performance.

After all, pro athletes like Dominck Cruz and Anderson Silva need all their wits about them if they’re going to duck, weave, and block the onslaught of blows they face every time they step into the Octagon.

As a result, these expert brawlers can’t afford to let themselves get distracted by a bulky, ill-fitting mouthpiece in the middle of a title match.

Which is why they - and so many other world champions around the globe - choose to wear one of the Mouthpiece Guy’s top mouthguards whenever they compete.

  • The same personalized fit that makes our top custom-fit mouthpieces so strong also makes them incredibly comfortable and easy to wear.

    • Unlike with a standard mouthpiece, you’ll never have to clench your jaw to keep your custom Mouthpiece Guy mouthguard in place!

    • In fact, the fit is so close that you might even forget you’re wearing it at all.

  • Our top custom mouthguards are so slim and compact that you can drink water with them in, saving you precious halftime seconds that could be better spent recovering and strategizing.

In fact, our custom athletic mouthpieces are so comfortable that they’ve even been used as props by actors in major movies, such as by Oscar-winner Halle Berry in her film Bruised!

Athletic powerhouses don’t let uncomfortable mouthguards throw them off their game - they use one of the Mouthpiece Guy’s top custom mouthguards instead!

Mouthpiece Guy on Telemundo

Take On All Comers with the Top Specialty Mouthpiece

There are plenty of athletic mouthpieces available on the market, but there’s only one that world-renowned athletes, like Olympic gold medalist Oleksandr Usyk or IBF Flyweight Champion Nonito Donaire, rely upon to get them through their toughest competitions - and that’s Mouthpiece Guy’s top custom-made mouthpieces.

Because we prioritize quality at every step of our fabrication process, we ensure that every one of our specialized athletic mouthpieces are made for a champion.

  • Even before we start the fabrication process, we make sure to double-check the provided bite mold to ensure that we have everything we need to make an incredible mouthpiece.

    • If we don’t, then we won’t move forward! It’s that simple.

  • Plus, we have a team of specialized dental technicians who oversee the construction process and are the best in the business at creating a perfectly-fitted mouthpiece.

  • Finally, we craft our athletic mouthguards using dental-grade materials that can stop an impact dead in its tracks before it can harm your mouth, brain, and head.

It’s no surprise that the Mouthpiece Guy’s top custom mouthpieces are the first choice of premiere athletes, from undefeated champions like Andre Ward to celebrities like Joe Rogan, who even has his own special design in the Mouthpiece Guy shop.

So take the first step on your own incredible journey as an athlete by heading over to the Mouthpiece Guy store and picking up a top mouthguard of your very own today!