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As an athlete, your body is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your arsenal, which is why it’s so important that you do everything that you can to protect it from harm.

After all, it only takes one misjudged basketball pass, one unblocked right hook to the jaw, or one tumble from the top of the cheerleadingtower for you to get a nasty head injury that won’t just hurt, but will also keep you from performing at your best. 

Fortunately, whether you’re an MMA fighter, a judo master, or a roller derby enthusiast, you can count on a customized mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy to keep you safe from harm every time you head onto the field or into the ring. 

Our specialized mouthpieces are custom-fitted to your mouth, so they can provide unparalleled protection from all of the balls, fists, elbows, and more that your athletic activities will send your way.

No matter your sport of choice, you just can’t beat the quality, comfort, and protection of the Mouthpiece Guy’s custom mouthpieces, so head over to our website and treat yourself to your first specialty mouthguard today!

Mouthpiece Guy Mouthguards: Perfect For Every Sport!

You love boxing, football, motocross, or whatever else your chosen sport happens to be, but there’s no denying that your athletic adventures put you at a higher risk of suffering a painful - or even debilitating - physical injury. 

As proof, the Center for Disease Control estimates that up to 3 million sports-related concussions occur in the United States every year, which just goes to show you how dangerous your time on the field, court, or ring can be.

But regardless of if you’re duking it out in the boxing ring or leading your team to victory on the lacrosse field, a Mouthpiece Guy custom-made mouthpiece can drastically lower your risk of serious head or brain injuries!

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that boxing is one of the more dangerous sports that you can choose to play, especially when it comes to potential head and mouth injuries.

  • In a recent survey of American boxers, every single participant reported suffering several blows to the head during their time in the ring, and two-thirds of respondents had received a concussion at some point during their career.
  • The Association of Neurological Surgeons estimates that a whopping 90% of boxers will experience a concussion at some point. 
  • Research also shows that 20% of professional boxers show symptoms of chronic traumatic brain injury, a condition with serious physical, mental, and behavioral effects.

However, by using a specialty mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy, you can minimize the risk of serious head injury and keep your brain, teeth, and all the other important parts of your head safe from harm!

In fact, studies show that boxers who use customized mouthpieces suffer from significantly less head injuries than those who don’t, so it’s all the more important that you treat yourself to a Mouthpiece Guy mouthguard right away!

Much like boxing, football is another one of those sports where you’re probably well aware of the importance of wearing custom mouthpieces and other safety equipment.

  • Every year, 300,000 football players experience a concussion, the vast majority of which are undetected.
  • 99% of NFL players show signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, an injury caused by repetitive brain trauma suffered throughout their athletic career.
  • Up to 95% of football-related deaths are caused by brain injuries that occur on the field. 

When you play a contact sport like football, you’re directly putting yourself in harm's way, which can have extremely negative consequences for your health if you don’t take the proper precautions. 

That’s why you need to use best-in-class protection - like one of the Mouthpiece Guy’s specialized football mouthpieces - whenever you step onto the field, so that you can enjoy the sport you love while also keeping yourself healthy and safe!

Whether you’re an MMA master or you’re stepping into the ring for the first time, you’re bound to take a few blows to the head throughout your fighting career.

  • More than 58% of all injuries sustained by MMA fighters are head injuries.
    • In fact, current estimates suggest that traumatic brain injuries occur in a whopping third of all professional MMA fights.
  • When examined, most fighters perform substantially worse on cognitive tests after a bout in the ring.
  • Over 60% of professional MMA fighters report that they are ‘seriously concerned’ about their risk of long-term brain damage.

And if you’re a fighter who wants to make sure that your brain can stand up to anything that your opponent throws at you, then you need to try one of the Mouthpiece Guy’s customized mouthguards.

As every Mouthpiece Guy specialty mouthpiece is made to fit your mouth specifically, they offer unparalleled protection that will keep your brain safe long after the referee calls time. 

Even in a non-contact sport like baseballor softball, a custom mouthpiece can help ensure that a dropped ball is the most painful thing to happen to you during a game.

  • Every year, thousands of baseball players visit the emergency room for facial trauma suffered during games and practices.
    • Researchers suggest that more than 180,000 baseball-related facial injuries occurred between 2009 and 2013.
    • Estimates indicate that serious brain injuries occur once in every 2,000 baseball and softball games.
  • However, only 7% of baseball players report regularly wearing mouthguards, despite the fact that they are recommended by the American Dental Association.

So the next time you’re heading out for a game, make sure that you bring your custom-fitted mouthpiece from the Mouthpiece Guy! Your head will thank you!

A Mouthguard for the Jack of All Trades

No matter what sport you play or what level you play at, a specialty mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy is the perfect addition to your equipment bag. 

Each of our custom mouthguards is made to maximize comfort, performance, and protection, so that you can push yourself or your team to victory without worrying that a head injury will slow you down.

Every athlete - from professional hockey players to someone taking their first jiu jitsu class - can benefit from the safety and security that only a specialized mouthpiece can provide.

Experience that level of athletic protection for yourself by visiting the Mouthpiece Guy’s website and buying one of our incredible custom-made mouthguards today!

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