Basketball Mouthguards

Custom Basketball mouthguards by Mouthpiece Guy offer better fit, breathing, and protection than a boil & bite mouthpiece.

Basketball is not a full-contact sport, but a custom mouthguard will help protect you from elbows and forearms while battling it out on the court. Custom build your own Basketball Mouthguard today! 

Do Basketball Players Wear Mouthguards?


If you follow the NBA, you most likely have seen Stephen Curry chewing on his mouthguard at the free-throw line. An estimated 50% of NBA players use a mouthguard to protect their teeth and gums while reducing the impact of other injuries during a fast-paced game.

It comes as a surprise that there is no mandatory requirement for basketball athletes to wear mouthguards during gameplay. Especially when basketball is the highest-ranked sport for dental injuries and trauma relative to other sports.

Protection Level Recommendation: Standard

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