custom Cheerleading mouthguards

Strengthen Your Base with a Specialized Cheerleading Mouthpiece!

While it might not have the same reputation as football, boxing, or MMA, you should never let anyone tell you that cheerleading isn’t an intensive and dangerous sport.

After all, it only takes a split second to turn an aerial flip into a face plant, one tiny miscalculation to knock you off the top of the pyramid and send you sprawling to the ground below.

And those painful falls leave cheerleaders especially vulnerable to nasty head injuries that trap them on the sidelines and stop them from performing with the rest of their squad.

  • More than 30,000 cheerleaders go to the hospital every year for a sports-related injury.

  • Concussions are one of the most common injuries for cheerleaders, making up almost a third of all reported injuries.

    • High school cheerleaders have one of the highest rates of practice-related concussions, second only to football!

  • Cheerleading injuries also tend to keep players on the sidelines for far longer than other sports, with almost half of all injuries requiring a recovery time of three weeks or more.

    • In particular, cheerleaders with concussions miss almost a month of practice and competition on average.

But you can protect yourself from concussions and other serious head injuries and keep yourself in peak competition performance with a custom-fit cheerleading mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy!

Our specialty cheerleading mouthpieces are designed to provide maximal protection and cushioning for your head, so that not even a tumble from the very top of the pyramid will be able to rattle your brain and knock you out of formation.

That way, whether you’re being tossed into the air, executing a perfect handspring, or launching your teammates sky-high, you can count on your specialty cheerleading mouthguard to keep you safe from harm.

Don’t let aerial stunts or ground-level acrobatics put your health at risk - instead, use a custom-fit Mouthpiece Guy mouthguard to stay competition-ready all season long!

Dive Roll Past Concussions with a Customized Cheerleading Mouthpiece!

If you’ve ever experienced a mind numbing concussion, then you already know all too well how dangerous these head injuries can be for an athlete both on and off the field.

  • Concussions are typically caused when a strong impact - like a fall to the ground or an elbow to the face from a tumbling teammate - jostles the brain.

  • As a form of traumatic brain injury, concussions lead to all sorts of serious mental and cognitive issues, including short-term memory loss, light sensitivity, concentration problems, and more.

    • Worse, research indicates that experiencing a concussion actually makes it easier for other injuries to trigger a concussion, leading to a significantly higher risk of repeated concussion.

    • Repeated concussions not only lead to more severe symptoms, but also increase the risk of developing severe conditions like chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which kills off neurons in the brain and eventually leads to dementia.

As such, whether you’re looking to stand on the top of the pyramid or you’re comfortable supporting your squad from the ground level, you owe it to yourself and your long-term wellbeing to avoid concussion at all costs.

And there’s no better way to lower your risk of concussion and other types of head injury than with a specialty cheerleading mouthpiece from the Mouthpiece Guy!

Because each of our custom cheerleading mouthguards is crafted to fit your unique bite pattern, they’re better equipped to cradle your jaw and stop concussions in their tracks.

In fact, studies show that using a mouthguard during practice and competition can decrease risk of concussion by more than 60%, so you can’t deny the protective powers of a custom athletic mouthpiece!

Plus, we make sure to use dental-grade materials when building our custom-fit cheerleading mouthpieces, so that they’re tough enough to withstand even the most intensive stunts in your routine.

So when it comes to your health, make sure that you always hit zero by wearing a specialty cheerleading mouthguard from the Mouthpiece Guy!

Use a Custom-Fit Cheerleading Mouthguard for All Star Protection!

When it comes to your safety and performance as an athlete, it’s undeniable that any mouthguard - even a low-quality stock or at-home mouthpiece - is better than nothing.

But when you’re in the middle of a routine, in that split second when you can tell that disaster is about to strike and your team is about to be hit with a building fall, you’ll be glad that you’re using a specialized cheerleading mouthpiece!

After all, here at the Mouthpiece Guy, we’ve made sure that our custom-fit cheerleading mouthpieces provide the best possible experience in every regard, so you’re bound to notice the difference in quality, comfort, and more.

  • For instance, throughout the mouthguard crafting process, our expert lab technicians make sure to use high-quality, specialized materials that greatly enhance the durability and strength of our customized cheerleading mouthguards.

    • Stock and boil-and-bite mouthpieces, on the other hand, are made of low-quality materials that allow for at-home customization, but also degrade more quickly and force you to replace them much sooner.

  • Additionally, our specialty cheerleading mouthpieces also offer improved protection and comfort on account of the fact that each one is created to fit with the unique shape of the user’s mouth.

    • Meanwhile, stock mouthguards are bulky and unwieldy, taking up tons of space in your mouth and creating an uncomfortable distraction that’s bound to throw you off your groove while you’re performing.

    • In fact, athletes consistently report feeling substantially less discomfort and irritation when using a specialized athletic mouthpiece than a store-bought one.

As such, you can count on the fact that your custom-fit cheerleading mouthpiece from the Mouthpiece Guy will stand head and shoulders above all the rest.

No matter what kind of stunt you’re performing with your squad, you can count on your customized cheerleading mouthpiece to give you both the safety and the peace of mind you need to pull out all the stops!

Put your heart - and your head - into every cheer out on the field by making a specialized cheerleading mouthpiece part of your pyramid today!